Ten reasons why a group tour to Ireland is a must


Most people would prefer to travel alone or with a partner, however, there are times where traveling with a tour might be a better option to pick from. Group vacations can consist of ten or more people that you may or may not know. They are a lot of fun when you’re with a group of people of the same interest, as you get the full experience out of the tour.

Group tours are a great way of building up your network of friends. You instantly create a bond with the members of the group as you share incredible memories and experiences together. You may even plan another tour with some of these friends.

Ten Reasons to choose a group tour;

1. If You Are A First Time Traveler 

Shot of a young man looking at a map for directions outdoors on a group vacation

Group tours help new travelers adjust to the environment and the new lifestyle. They find it easier to progress into traveling alone after they experience the country properly with an experienced guided tour. They won’t be afraid to travel alone after they experience the travel lifestyle and how to cope in difficult situations.

2. Meet Like Minded Individuals

Group vacation with friends dancing and having fun together

Group vacations are a fantastic way to meet and interact with like-minded individuals to share the same interests as you. It can be very difficult when traveling in a party of two who have different interests and can be stressful trying to decide on what to see and which sites to visit. It can be very overwhelming.

Whereas, when you’re traveling in a group, there is a wider variety of people who share similar interests as you and makes deciding where to go a lot easier and enjoyable.   

3. Value For Money

Guiness Storehouse group vacation tours in Ireland

Sometimes traveling alone can be just as costly, if not even more expensive than a group tour. You may end up stopping several times on your journey which makes the trip expensive.

However, a group tour is pre-organized, you will already have most of your transportation, accommodation, attractions and even most meals paid for, prior your vacation. 

4. Experienced Tour Guides

Group vacation tour in Dublin City by the Spire

They know their country inside and out for all tourist related things to do. They know where the best places to eat are. They’ll make sure you’ll avoid being taken advantage of by not paying for overpriced food and items. They know all about the culture as they are knowledgeable about their country and know where all the sweet spots are for the best culture and where to get your value for money.

5. See And Do More Than If You Were Alone 

Tourists enjoying Dublin on a group vaction tour

Sometimes when you travel alone you tend to take the day as it comes and you might not actually get most of the sites that you wanted to see done. When you’re on a tour you’ll get time for everything that you want to see with others of the same interests. Even better you get to experience the trip with others and make memories with new friends. They can also take candid travel photos of you to share across your social media to make your friends back home envious of you.

6. Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Paddywagon group vacation tour bus

By traveling in a group, you are cutting down the amount of vehicle usage that you would use when traveling alone. Sharing transport helps protect the environment by the reduction of vehicles on the road. Resulting in less air pollution. Also, it helps us to connect and talk with others during our journey.

7. Safety

Man stealing a womans purse during a group vacation

Group tours are actually quite safe. You won’t have to worry about walking down dangerous streets alone or someone over your shoulder, as you’ll have friends surrounded by you. Possessions and valuables are less likely to be targeted by thieves. On a group tour there’s that added security and guidance/reassurance from your local tour guide.

8. Time Crunch

Woman traveling alone

You may have very little time, but you have so much that you want to see and it’s becoming stressful trying to plan it by yourself. Why not allow someone else plan it for you? Take a break and be happy with how much you actually get to experience in such a short time space.


9. Have A Friend To Drink With 

Friends drinking beer together on St.Patrick's Day during a group vacation tour

Group vacations means you’ll always have someone to drink and celebrate with. You’d get to know a person better over a pint or a glass of wine.



10. Never Eat Alone 

Friends eating together at the table on a group tour vacation in Ireland

You won’t be eating alone at a meal anymore. Group vacations everyone will be eating at the same time together. Group tours will still allow you to travel alone but to not be fully alone as you’ll have company with new like minded-individuals.


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