7 Day Ireland vacation cheaper than an iPhone

HIreland Coastlineands up if you’re tired yet of the endless talk about a recession in the economy? For months now, there has been speculation about whether there will be one, if it’s not there already.
Well if the answer above is yes, here’s some good news at last – DiscoveringIreland are offering you a 7 Day Ireland vacation for only $250, thats less than the price of an iPhone!

You can customize your Ireland tour in many ways all with the help of your own personal Ireland specialist. Here’s an overview of whats included in the tour:

  • 7-day rental of an economy car including all fees and taxes, CDW, theft protection and location service charge
  • 6 nights at one of Ireland’s finest cottage vacation rentals
  • Road map of Ireland
  • Heritage guide to Ireland including admission special offers
  • Free calls to your personal Ireland specialist

Read on to see a detailed tour summary

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2 Responses to 7 Day Ireland vacation cheaper than an iPhone

  1. Marian C. Tarantino says:

    My great grandparents came from Macroom, Cork County, Ireland. I am planning a trip to Macroom next year. I am looking for a travel agent in the area to help me organize the trip. Please contact me by my email address. Thank you.

  2. robert.carpenter says:


    Apologies, I have only seen your comment now- somehow it slipped through unnoticed.

    I will have a colleague contact you today and go through all possibilities.


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