The best Tea in Ireland

Ever wondered what makes the Irish so partial to a cup of tea?

Here, Summer of Travel writer Liz o’ Malley explains her experiences when travelling the South West of Ireland with the help of Barry’s finest amongst others….

I heard a statistic while in Ireland, that the Irish drink more tea per capita than any other country in Europe. I believe it, and I like it.

I come from Seattle, the caffeine capital of the U.S. It is the place where Starbucks was born, spawned from a culture of rainy, gloomy skies, thick arches of stoic forests, conditions that tuck people indoors, out of the wet cold, and around cafĂ© tables. We love our coffee there – we love roasting it, we love the smell, we love the flavor.

Ireland has a similar marine climate, similar conditions of green and wetness. Read More

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  1. I love Barry’s tea, when I visit an Irish store in the USA, I always buy Barry’s Gold-Blend Tea. I know tea comes from the tropics but the Irish have a special way of blending it!!

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