Cork Monopoly Official Launch Friday 19th October

Finally it’s here! The Cork edition of Monopoly arrived under lock and key at Cork Airport on Tuesday 16th October ahead of its official launch this Friday 19th October.

It’s thought that the newest edition of the popular family game that arrived from a regional flight from the UK into Cork Airport will be venturing around the world in time for Christmas and will be played at dining tables all over the world as family reunite over the Christmas period.

According to London based Winning Moves UK; makers of Monopoly they have had enquiries from Australia, New Zealand, US and China about the new edition, which captures the Spirit of Cork and will hopefully allow those living away from Cork to feel at home, albeit just for a few hours!

The new Cork edition of the game, which will be a popular souvenir gift for all tourists here on Ireland Vacation to take home with them, will feature Cork landmarks that were voted for early this year by the Cork Public. Which famous landmarks were chosen is still yet unknown, but Cork and the rest of the world will finally find out, when the game hits the shelves of all good toy and book stores as well as extensively online at 9am tomorrow morning.

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