Your Irish Roots: The O’ Mahony Family


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O’Mahony is a well known family name in Ireland. One of the first records of the family come from Co. Cork where in ancient times, the family held a seat.The majority of Ireland‘s O’ Mahony births are still registered in Co. Cork to this day.

The O’ Mahony chieftains were powerful, often described as princes and for a period were kings of Munster and Desmond. The name derives from Mathgamain, son of Cian who was the son of Máel Muad mac Brain. From approximately 960 to 978, Máel Muad mac Brain was the King of Munster on and off.

Many of you travel from far and wide to uncover your family history and Irish roots. Through the years the O’ Mahony family have settled in other lands. Between 1840 and 1860, some of the first settlers from this family name including Cornelius, Peggy, Patrick, Daniel, Thomas, Denis, William James and Mary Mahoney, arrived in Philadelphia, USA. If you’re planning Ireland vacations, why not consider spending some time uncovering your Irish family roots? There are plenty of centres dotted around the country that can help you on your way. Stay tuned to our blog for more information on how to trace your family history.

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  1. Do you have any info about the Walkers? They came to the USA in 1750. They lived in Ireland and the men worked in Scotland. The name was Eligh Rutherford Walker. He married a McGill. Thank you.

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