Dublin – the ideal destination for a ‘foodie holiday’

A recent article by the world-renowned National Geographic Magazine, states how it is blown away by the food scene in Ireland, especially in its culinary capital Dublin.

Well- known established photographer Catherine Karnow recently travelled to Dublin with a food journalist and sampled menus at some of the top restaurants in Dublin.

“The quality, creativity, and dedication to locally sourced ingredients we witnessed were on par with what you’ll find in some of the most sophisticated cities in the world – yet set apart by a uniquely Irish emphasis on comfort and simplicity,” the National Geographic reported.

It is reported that eight million people download the National Geographic’s food and travel section and tourism to Ireland is set to improve as a result of this good publicity.

Dublin is one of the many culinary hot spots in Ireland

Dublin- one of the many culinary hot spots in Ireland

Dublin is usually a chosen destination when planning out and itinerary for a vacation in Ireland and for those looking to book a trip to Ireland, Dublin’s food scene does not disappoint as visitors enjoy the vast array of establishments. Sampling the various markets, artisan food shops, chocolate shops and restaurants are a great way to sample the culinary delights of Dublin.

Sourcing Dublin’s foodie gems is very easy do while on a vacation, and the friendliness of its locals, the tradition of hospitality and the superb quality of the food, makes Dublin a unique place for a foodie holiday.

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