Ireland’s first ever coffee and tea festival coming in September

The aroma of the coffee beans and tea leaves will fill the Dublin air when the first ever tea and coffee festival in September with the Dublin Tea and Coffee Festival taking place at the RDS between 12th and 14th September. It is intended that the festival will act as a precursor to Ireland being selected as host to the World Barista Championships in 2016.

The event in Ireland is a joint venture by the Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance and the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, and has been created with the intention of showcasing the best from the tea and coffee industry ranging from where the tea and coffee originates to how they are brewed; the vast ranges available today, the latest brewing techniques and equipment on the market and all the enjoyment that goes with it including cakes and chocolate.

Events at the festival will include The Roasters’ Village (sponsored by Marco Beverage Systems – a hub of coffee and tea micro roasters and retailers), The Festival Roastery (a micro-roastery at the show where the public can experience the roasting process first-hand) and The Food Village, showcasing a range of Irish food, confectionery and other products. The festival is sure to be a hit with those enjoying a vacation in Ireland during September.

“The coffee and tea industry in Ireland has grown in line with world standards with an extensive range of products and services meeting the demands of the increasingly educated and discerning consumer,” said Bobby Kerr, chairman of Insomnia Coffee Company, which is supporting the event.

The Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival has also announced that it is to launch the first ever Home Barista Competition in Ireland. The competition will take the form of the World Barista Competition for professionals, and challenges members of the public to showcase their skill at making speciality coffees themselves at home.

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