Free Entry to Spike Island

Spike Island located of the coast of Cork, near Cobh has hosted a monastery, a fortress and a prison within its 104 acres, all of which have left their mark.

Back in July 2010 a new phase in Spike Island’s history began as the State, handed control of the Island back over to Cork County Council, and by doing so ended two centuries of institutional use. With the handover, Cork County Council has created a unique visitor experience at this one of Ireland’s most historic landmarks.

A popular tourist attraction for visitors on Ireland vacations, Spike Island is pleased to offer a special discounted rate and no charge will be required to enter the Island or Fort Mitchel. This year also whilst on the island visitors will also be able to travel without being part of a tour guided group, and enjoy the recently opened walkway around the perimeter of the Fort at the their leisure.

Whilst entrance to Spike Island is free, there will still be a charge for the ferry that provides access to the island, which is priced at €8 per adult and €5 per child and from Sunday 14th April, a more regular ferry services will be available, with the ferry departing from Kennedy Pier in Cobh every Sunday during April at 12 non and again at 2pm. From May, this service will be increased with the ferry departing on both Saturday and Sunday’s at the same time, and from June, a daily ferry service will be available. Also from Saturday 1st June, the ferry departing from Cobh will stop at Monkstown at 12:15pm

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