Remember life aboard the Titanic with a series of commemorative events in Cobh

A ten day series of events in Cobh is underway to mark the 101 anniversary of the Titanic. Cobh and Titanic have a shared connection as it is Cobh which has the distinction of being the last port of call for the doomed liner prior to its fateful collision with an iceberg on 14th April 1912.

To remember this, throughout the first two weeks of April, Thursday 4th – Sunday 14th April, when Cobh in County Cork is having a series of events to honor and commemorate the doomed liner including a special ceremony on Sunday 13th to remember those that died aboard the tragic liner. But it won’t all be about mourning the dead, it will also be about bringing the story of Titanic to life. The programme of events and shows on offer throughout the 10 days will bring to mind different aspects of the story.

They include a talk by Rory Golden, the first Irish diver to see the Titanic diving from a Russian MIR submersible in 2000 and again in 2005 at a depth of 3,875 metres. Rory will tell his unique story of the voyage and exploration of the world’s most famous shipwreck on Saturday, April 13th at the Commodore Hotel in Cobh. Tickets at €5 a piece will be available at the door.

Another side to life aboard the Titanic not often remembered is the glamour and glitz aboard on what was then considered one of the most luxurious liners in the world. A measure of just some of the lavish items that were found aboard the ship will be highlighted in a series of live class cutting demonstrations by master craftsmen.

As the Titanic Experience, Cobh’s permanent visitor attraction, has commissioned the creation of the replica crystal in hope that the handcrafted pieces will demonstrate to many a different view of what life was like for some aboard the liner. For all locals or visitors on vacation in Ireland in the area, the master class in crystal cutting by master cutter Alex Davies shall take place in a series of demonstrations as he goes about creating limited edition hand cut replicas of the luxury crystal bowls used on the luxury liner at Tregan Craft Centre, which shall be available for sale throughout April.

Whatever facet of Titanic one wants to see, whether it be a chance to imagine what life aboard the doomed liner was like or a chance to remember and honor the dead, there will be plenty on offer for Titanic and history fans in Cobh this week.

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