Garth Brooks to rock Croke Park once again in summer 2014

Garth Brooks has announced that he will be returning to Ireland this summer with a concert at the home of the Gaelic Games Association (GAA), Croke Park, in Dublin. The legendary American country music singer and songwriter will perform over two nights in July 2014.

It has been almost 17 years since Garth Brooks made his last trip to Ireland to entertain over 150,000 of his adoring Irish fans in Dublin back in May 1997. Garth Brooks stunned his Irish fanbase by announcing the news in person at the iconic Irish sports stadium that he will be returning to Ireland to enthral his fans this summer! 

Speaking about his previous Croke Park experience as he watched footage from his live shows within the venue all those years ago, Garth Brooks stated:

“Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, an outdoor stadium… these people were so into the show that they did this clapping thing, and this pointing thing… and it was all kind of orchestrated by themselves…and so they got this clapping going with this hey…and I gotta tell you it’s my favourite part of any footage that I see of us live… the people were so perfect in the crowd. To get tens of thousands of people to do that all together is impossible. Well, I gotta tell you when it comes to Ireland, nothing is impossible.”

For those planning a vacation in Ireland next summer then there’s no reason to miss Garth Brooks performing live at Croke Park on Friday and Saturday, 25th and 26th July 2014.

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