Short feature film to be produced chronicling Roy Keane’s younger years

The Irish Film Board have announced that a short film will be made about the legendary footballer Roy Keane’s younger life, to be directed by Dave Tynan and produced by Michael Donnelly.  

The Short Irish film named  “Rockmount”, after the first football club Roy Keane played for. It will focus on the legendary Ireland midfielder’s days growing up in Cork and playing football locally before his big move to Nottingham Forest in 1990. Keane would later go on to become a legend, if not divisive, figure of Irish Sport.

Roy Keane was born in Mayfield, a working class suburb of Cork City. As a boy he played several sports including GAA and a brief stint in Boxing but his true sporting love was always football. Following in his family tradition Roy joined the now famous football academy Rockmount AFC in the early 1980’s. Even though he was only 9 he was voted player of the year whilst playing for the under 11’s team within his first year. His favourite programme was Match of the Day and followed Tottenham Hotspur. His footballing heroes were players such as Glenn Hoddle  and Bryan Robson and his dream from that young age was to play football for a top level English football team.

Roy Keane in the film is a small but demonic 11 year old in the 1980’s and his attitude is to get on the starting 11 for his club and nothing will get in his way. These traits in Roy’s personality from such an early age  are what made him the no nonsense stern character we all know today, particularly, from his time as captain of Manchester United and the Republic of Ireland.


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