Seating Chaos to soon end for Ryanair passengers

Ryanair has promised to end the on-board scramble for seats from 1st February, with the introduction of seating allocation 24 hours before departure for all passengers  who have not paid to pick and reserve a seat.

This move by Ryanair to keep its passengers happy is in response to the Tell MOL (Michael O’Leary) campaign, whereby customers were encouraged to feedback online the improvements that could be made to the airlines customer service image.

Whilst the news of the new seating allocation is a positive one for frequent flyers and travellers, there is no guarantee that families or groups who do not pay for their seats in advance will be able to sit together, instead they will be automatically allocated their seats on the plane 24 hours before departure.

Passengers will still have the option to book and pay for seating in advance and can choose to sit in the first number of rows to be the first to depart the aircraft or choose over-wing seats in order to have extra legroom. Ryanair have also advised that the priority Queues system will continue to allow people to board first.

The news of allocated seating seems to be well received by passengers who will be taking trips to Ireland, UK and other European destinations serviced by the airline. As is the news that in light of the recent seating allocation annoucement, Ryanair will continue to offer passengers cheaper fares.

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