There's always a silver lining

Rising oil prices, falling house prices and the ever worsening credit crunch, whether it’s TV, Radio or opening your newspaper thats all we seem to hear about these days. But are recessions really all that bad or can we look for a silver lining amidst all the doom and gloom?

Never one to miss an opportunity Micheal O’Leary, chief executive officer of Ryanair, today announced that he had started discussions Boeing to order as many as 200 new airplanes to their fleet.
“I think aircraft values are going to collapse this winter,” Mr O’Leary said. “I think Boeing and Airbus order books are going to be under stress as airlines go bankrupt.”

So rejoice there may be more exciting, if slightly out of town, destinations on the way for you to explore complements of Ryanair.

That’s not all the good news that came out today. Inflation in Ireland is on the way down, well at least in July. The Central Statistics Office says the annual rate of increase was down to 4.4% in July, compared to 5% in June. Wait there’s more, the main areas of decline where in Food & Drink and hotel accommodation. Now that really is good news for all you travellers hoping to visit our shores this summer. There was never a better time to plan your travel to Ireland.

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