Tiger who? ………Its Paddymania time

Yep in case you have not heard it is Paddymania time here in Ireland as our greatest ever sportsman (currently being debated on our airwaves) lifted his 3rd major in under two years and his 2nd in a row. You can be sure that over the coming days every Tom, Dick and Harriett will be picking up their clubs and hitting the fairways, literally, the length and breath of Ireland. For this week at least Kids will no longer want to be Tiger and will swap the Nike Swoosh for the somewhat less cool Bank of Ireland logo.

And why not, our man was just awesome on Sunday. I have read and heard people say that he was Tiger like over those closing holes, making one vital putt after another.  Tiger does have that stare, that look of utter concentration. Harrington has that tongue that sticks out to the side a little when he takes a shot.  It works and who’s betting it wouldn’t bring him more majors.

What are the odds that at the next master, if Tiger shows up, the famous “You da Man Tiger” will be replaced with roars of “Up ye boy ye Paddy” as Harrington gets on the road to the grand slam. In truth I think Tiger knew that Paddy was on a march and that he did not really want to face him in the last two majors of the year. OK so perhaps I’m getting carried away a little and Harrington is not quit as good as Tiger, but mark my words Paddy is building momentum and momentum can be a very powerful force.

Another thing that is building momentum is the US dollar. The market has clearly reacted very positively to Harrington’s win and that’s good news for all of you that are hoping to visit the home of the new PGA champion.  Not only do we have the best courses in the world like the K Club and Lahinch but they are getting cheaper by the day. So lets all raise a glass to Harrington and wish both him and the dollar continued success in the months and years ahead.

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